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Este es un pequeño juego hecho en Unity en el que simplemente hay que pulsar el botón y coger la bandera antes de que desaparezca. ¿Serás capaz de conseguirlo?

Los objetos han sido desarrollados con los prefabs de Unity, los sonidos de Internet y las físicas del juego han sido desarrolladas manualmente, es decir, no se usan las de Unity.


- A: ir a la izquierda.

- D: ir a la derecha.

- W: salto.

¡Espero que disfrutéis!

This is a small game made in Unity in which you simply have to press the button and take the flag before it disappears. Will you be able to get it?

The objects have been developed with the Unity prefabs, the sounds of the Internet and the physics of the game have been developed manually, that is, Unity's are not used.


- A: go left.

- D: go right.

- W: jump.

I hope you enjoy!


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It's a nice first level of a potentially interesting speed platformer game. It's refreshing  to play a platformer with the focus on beating the clock. It's not an easy level, though, you have to get the timing just right, there's no time to lose.

If you're interested, you're welcome to enter our Game Development World Championship, maybe at some point.

Thank you very much for your comment! At the moment of thinking about the design, I was looking for something that would make the game different from the typical platform game, so I finally used the mechanics "against the clock". Actually, there's a little trick to winning the game, but it's hard to do it the first time you play.

Thanks for the offer! I'll think about it.

Well, thanks for thinking about the offer! I wonder, if the trick is that when you fail for the first time (as you probably do), and then when you jump back to the top, you can get a slight head start by jumping in front to the red object.

Like wizards, a game developer should never reveal the secrets of his/her game, where would the fun be? ;)

I guess you could say that for all visual mediums (including performing magic), the "magic" comes from when the audience doesn't entirely know how it's done. And then of course the "heureka" moment when you play a game yourself and find a solution to a problem.